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                    Shanghai Quick INT,L Logistics CO. Ltd is located in the Pudong Airport next to the airport, is approved by the Civil Aviation Administration and the Department of Commerce of a freight Proxy Companies, is a member of the Shanghai Transportation Institute, mainly engaged in international cargo transportation and customs clearance services. Business related to import and export international air transport, international shipping import and export, import and export customs clearance agent, domestic air and road transport service. Our company has the air freight bronze medal qualification, an IATA member, is the Shanghai pudong air freight enterprise association's sponsor and the association's President unit, into CASS settlement system .The company has always been adhering to the "sunflower" spirit, adhere to the "customer first, employees second, third enterprises" business philosophy, through the unremitting efforts of all staff, gradually build up to Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou as the basic framework, has more than 100 high-quality cooperation agent to improve freight service network at home and abroad.