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                Established in 1995, Shanghai Quick INT,L Logistics CO. Ltd, with Head Office in Hong Kong and branches in Shenzhen and Shanghai, and combined with affiliate Agents in other ports of China, are the complete logistics service provider.

                Shanghai Quick INT,L Logistics CO. Ltd Shanghai Ltd. is a professional international logistics & freight forwarding company, engaging in multi-functional as well as multi-lateral services related to international cargo transportation.

                With many years of experience and development, our company has built a team of young but highly qualified elites and established integrated computer networks systems as well as overseas agent network,that knows how to move your goods and ensure a smooth transit to every port and inland destination in the world.

                We commit to offering our valued costumers with logistic services and quality transportation solutions that meet their complete needs. We also undertake to provide you with the most competitive and cost-effective methods whether it is by Sea, Air, Rail or Road!