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                The enterprise tenet
                In accordance with the spirit of the sunflower, overcome all the difficulties and always face the bright place

                Management concept
                1. Advocate responsibility, advocating competition, the pursuit of service, the pursuit of high efficiency.
                2. The constant pursuit of excellence is the inexhaustible source of strength for the development of enterprises and the capital on which enterprises rely for growth and growth.
                3. The spirit of dedication, excellent team spirit and strong enterprise spirit are the core of enterprise cohesion.
                4. Specialization, modernization and respect for human nature are the unswerving goals of the enterprise.
                5. High efficiency is the soul of enterprise management that never changes.

                Service concept and purpose
                Satisfaction = profession + responsibility
                1. customer first -- to meet the needs of customers always in the first place in the work.
                2. Initiative and enthusiasm -- actively provide customers with quality services.
                3. Professional quality -- this is the basic requirement that every employee should have for customer service.
                4. Unity and cooperation -- harmonious team spirit is the basis for achieving the highest efficiency and the best service.