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                1. NZ full route, the main advantage points are in the United States, South America, New Zealand and the south Pacific.
                2. PR full route, the main advantage points are MNL,LAX,YVR,LHR and other points in the Middle East.
                3. ET full route, the main advantage of which lies in DEL and the whole territory of Africa.
                4, UL full route, the main advantage points in the Middle East, India and Pakistan and other places.
                5. AM full route, the main advantage points are MEX and other South American points.
                6, 3X American South American line, the main advantage is cheap price.
                7. 7L full route, the advantage points are MXP,MCT,ORD,LHR, central Asia and the Middle East
                8. W5 full route
                9. PO full route
                10. RU full route
                11. CI full route